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Freaking Gauntlet 2019

How to Save images to your phone

1. Browse through the galleries

2. Find an image to download. 

3. Tap an image to open it.

4. Hold and select save image.

Don't forget to tag the photographer if your posting on social media.  

The photos obtained by the athlete(s) through this package MAY NOT be used by the athlete or any other entity, athlete sponsors, companies for commercial purposes. If the athlete has sponsors or corporate partners who may want to use the photos taken during the event for commercial purposes, they may contact the Freakin Fit Fest Media Team via email:  freakinmediateam@crossfiit.photography and a reasonable licensing fee(s)can be discussed. ALL PHOTOS are owned and copyrighted by the photographer(s). The COMMERCIAL USE (including all forms of social media) AND UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION OF PHOTOS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED under Title 17 Copyright Law of the United States

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