The Tactical Games - SKIRMISH

June 7th 2020

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Reading this and purchasing the package,  you agree to the following: 

  It is the participant's responsibility to check in with the Tactical Games - Skirmish Photographer on the Day of the event (Different from event check-in), so the photographer(s) can assign a unique identifier to the event participant. If the participant failed to do so, the photographer(s) won’t be able to identify the participant(s) and they won't get photographed. NO REFUNDS will be given to paying participant(s) who fail to check in with the Event Photographer{s).

  Participation in this photo package is an express acknowledgment that the photographer and event owners have the athlete's consent to use these photos in a NON-COMMERCIAL capacity. The photos obtained by the participants through this package MAY NOT be used by the participant or any other entity, athlete sponsor(s), companies for commercial purposes. If the participant has a sponsor(s) or corporate partners who may want to use the photos taken during the event for commercial purposes, they may contact the photographer and reasonable licensing fees can be discussed.

ALL PHOTOS are owned and copyrighted by the photographer. The COMMERCIAL USE ( including all forms of social media marketing ) AND ANY UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION OF PHOTOS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED under Title 17 Copyright Law of the United States. 

Each athlete (s) participating in The Tactical Games - Skirmish photo package is guaranteed at least 10 high-resolution photos,  Photographer can not guarantee that all heats will be covered, due to delays, scheduling changes or inclement weather.   All Photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery for you to download. Links to download site(s) will be posted in the event social media accounts and the photographer(s) IG account, so make sure you follow @baconandprs

Payments  accepted: PayPal, Venmo, Cash App or Cash onsite

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